Be A Volunteer

Be A Volunteer

Witnessing Peace in our beloved country has been for many years, the burning desire of all Afghans, particularly the Youth whose lives have been shaped and marred by conflict and violence.

Like any worthwhile endeavor it will be a long road, but although it has its challenges there are also many opportunities. Peace-building requires a great deal of work, commitment and passion. Walking the long path to arrive at the destination, that is lasting peace in Afghanistan, however, will be one of great fulfillment.

In AYEPO we have taken the first of a thousand steps and we are excited to welcome fellow Youth to join our journey of Peace-building so that that they may contribute their limitless enthusiasm and hope, vision and perspective: and role unique to the Youth. In contributing to the upliftment of their country, they can be proud of helping to transform and heal their communities and in the process be healed and transformed themselves.

In this way we begin building a strong foundation for the next generations in fostering fundamental Human Values so that they may go forward into the future with a broad vision and understanding of peaceful living, a sense of well-being and pride, and hope for themselves, their communities and country.

Motives to join and serve:

  1. Gain new skills vital to excel at academic life and beyond
  2. Develop your soft skills namely team-building, communication, peace-building and problem-solving skills
  3. Form networks of like-minded people who are inspired to promote peace
  4. Build your leadership skills

To volunteer at AYEPO you are acquired to fill out the volunteer form (Click Here)