Hussain Ali Karimi

In 2008, Hussain Ali Karimi received a fully funded special scholarship granted by the Indian Government

which helped him earn BBA and MBA degrees from Pune University as well as Executive MBA from

ISBM, India. He has received Best Research Paper award, 1st Runner-up Prize for authoring 2nd best

research paper, Best Public Speaker Award, Best Student of the Year Award and Best Project Idea award.

He has been honored with Certificates of Appreciations by H.E. Sarwar Danish –Vice President of

Afghanistan; H.E. Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi – Ex-chairman of Lower House of the Afghan Parliament; H.E. Haji

Mohammad Mohaqeq – Deputy Chief Executive of Afghanistan as well as H.E. Karimi Khalili – Former

Vice President of Afghanistan. In addition, working as Project Analyst at Office of Senior Economic

Advisor to H.E. the President of Afghanistan, Project Manager at DI, Lecturer at Kateb University, Deputy

Country Director of IYS, Peace Ambassador of AoL Intl. Center, Youth Ambassador at IDHouse, Peace

Ambassador at IAHV, Professional Member of Monitoring and Evaluation Team at ATRA, MCIT, Executive

Secretary to Deputy Finance Minister for Administration, Student Leader & Speaker at Parliament of

Indian Students Council Leaders (2012-2014), International Secretary at WOSY (2010-2012) has helped

me develop strong organizational, administrative, people management, strategic planning, team

building, project management, problem solving, leadership and interpersonal communication skills.