Peace Leadership Training

AYEPO organized an extensive Peace Leadership Training for 20 high school and university students at KarAmoz Institute of Higher Education from 23 to 25 December, 2020.
The training covered a number of topics and engaging activities pertaining to peace leadership including the personal, interpersonal and community peace practices. In the first day of the training, the participants learned and practiced breathing techniques that help calm and relax the body and mind and overall contribute in improving mental health.

The second day took them into dialogues and storytelling in which they took turn to speak about themselves, their families and communities and most importantly sharing personal stories. In addition, the importance of dialogue and non-violence communication in problem solving and conflict resolution were also highlighted in the training.
The questions “what is community, how you define it” were also discussed in groups which was an opportunity to understand each and everyone’s idea and thoughts about the community and thus help them develop an expanded view & sense of belonging towards their community members which in turn promotes the values of collaboration, peace, and tolerance in the society.
All in all, the training improved friendship and harmony among the participants and also instilled the values of deep and compassionate listening in understanding, connecting and relating to others.


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