What We Do

What We Do

We aspire to improve the skills and abilities of youth that they may reach their full potential to succeed in their personal and professional life, and play a promoting role in peace-building and development of Afghan society that desperately needs the contribution of this young and vibrant generation.


Four decades of war and instability in Afghanistan has had an adverse impact on the whole country and particularly on the young generation. By initiating conflict resolution and mediation programs, AYEPO cultivates safe spaces for peace dialogue and for stories to be shared whereby young people can express their thoughts and be trained to transform society into a peaceful and prosperous community. Conducting Peace-building programs, workshops, conferences, as well as peace circle initiatives are vital in the current situation to facilitate conversations and action toward that which builds rather than destroys.

Capacity Development Programs

We believe that leadership and conflict management training along with soft/interpersonal skills programs can equip young people with practical skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their personal and as well as professional life. These skills help them become effective leaders in their careers, communities and society as a whole.


We aim to connect different groups of young people in Afghan society and create a network where they can seek help, share ideas and support each other, addressing current issues and engaging themselves in peace building programs. We will organize all of our activities with the goal to bring together Afghan youth to develop skills and knowledge, to engage in peace-building work, social and voluntary action, capacity building initiatives, as well as advocacy skills.

Advocacy and Research

The research team focuses on discovering and highlighting the main causes of violence in communities by conducting relevant activities and surveys. Their research will provide a basis for advocacy work on behalf of Afghan children and youth, enabling the team to hold advocacy campaigns and conferences that educate and inform young people on diverse opportunities to address these issues and challenges.