Peace and Harmony Gathering

AYEPO organized a “Peace & Harmony Gathering” from the 5th to 7th February 2020, on the eve of the World Interfaith Harmony Week to enhance mutual understanding, peace and harmony among Afghan youth.
In the program, youth from different ethnic groups came together to celebrate diversity and learn how to promote peace and harmony in their lives, families and communities. They shared stories with each other, speaking about where they live, how they celebrate different occasions in their communities, and their lives in general. Participants talked about the common grounds they shared with each other and how such commonalities could unite them.

They also discussed the role of youth in peace-building, social changes, creating unity and how young people from diverse backgrounds could collectively bridge cultural gaps and other differences, thus working with one another for the future they all share.
Talking about these issues was not all.
The spirit of these discussions was embodied and experienced in a powerful process where the youth cooked meals together, ate with one another, drew pictures and sang together with open hearts. The experience emphasized that overall, and despite their differences, they were united and could peacefully coexist in their diversity.


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