Rangina Nazari’s Reflection

I am Rangina Nazari. It has been a great opportunity to be part of Afghanistan Youth Empowerment and Peace-building Organization (AYEPO) trainings. I have participated in many workshops, events and trainings whose benefits I witness in my personal work and studies. Seeing how impactful the programs are, I encouraged my small sister and other close friends to seize the opportunity to attend AYEPO’s initiatives and learn and explore new things.
The Leadership and Soft Skills Training as well as the Mediation for Women Program helped me learn a lot of things that hold the hope of practical application in my life. A shining example is: one day I was able to deliver a speech in front of 1500 people at the French Institute in Afghanistan. It was a proud moment for me. I know that the training at AYEPO played a tremendous role in that especially public speaking and communication skills.
The programs also enabled me improve my communication skills because these sessions put me in touch with many great people and great teachers and trainers whose knowledge and expertise were inspiring. The network AYEPO connected me with, has paved the way for me to change my perspective about life. It has encouraged me to be a critical person both in my private and professional life.


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