Peace Circle, Sheberghan

The Peace Circle Initiative which was organized in Sheberghan city of Jawzjan province during August 2019, empowered a group of students with basic peace-building and conflict resolution skills vital to tackle their own problems with a different approach/prospective and also know how they can resolve small disputes that occur at schools.
In this week-long training, the participants learnt what peace circle is, how each person can play a role in the peace circle and understood the process of circle-keeping and practicing basic components of circle facilitation. The Trainer, Mr. Tom Valenti familiarized the students with several scenarios that are likely to happen in real life and then asked the students to act as characters of the story in order to solve a problem together.

In the training, the crowd also reflected experiences of solving problems and discussed ideas to tackle small disputes that they encounter in daily life and learned about becoming an effective circle-keeper. In the process of learning and discovering conflict resolution skills, the participants also had the chance to work together, identity the challenges present at their respective schools and see how through the lessons learnt, couple with their interest to promote peace, they can change their school environment to more friendly and peaceful environment.


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