The Second Round of Peace-building Toolkit for Students

The peace-building toolkit training was organized from 28 to 31 October, 2019 in which several students participated. The first session of the training took the small cohort through the course, its learnings and expectations. Mr. Tom Valenti (the trainer) talked about communication skills and highlighted their importance in peacemaking. The participants spoke how they interact with others & learnt new means of communicating that help them in peacemaking.
In 2nd session of Peace-buildng Toolkit Mr. Valenti discussed Anti-bullying and Positive Environment Education, bullying cases and the ways it can escalate violence. The group learnt how to respond to such occurrences & provide a better environment to resolve them through the lessons learned.
The third session focused on Human Rights Advocacy. Mr. Valenti defined the topic and elaborated on UN Declaration of Human Rights. He talked about Advocacy, its aims to raise awareness about different issues and to help bring changes. He also highlighted the types of advocacy, tools needed, the process and how to use SMART principle in running advocacy campaigns and beyond.

The participants also shared their ideas, experiences about advocacy and benefited new methods.
The last day led a general discussion about peace-building including, what contributes to peace-building, what peace-building involves, kinds of peace (negative & positive) and what it takes to start peace-building journey and drive positive changes in communities. The participants also brainstormed & discussed several ideas to implement a community-oriented project.
This amazing group had great ideas which were all welcomed by Mr. Valenti.

AYEPO director, Ahmad Shah Karimi presented their certificates, praised the young group for active participation and encouraged them to implement their project and involve similar minded fellow youth to contribute in their work.


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