“Women & Sustainable Development Goals” Training

AYEPO held a 3-day “Women & Sustainable Development Goals” workshop training with a group of highly-motivated young women. The sessions were led by Ms Sohaila Rezaiee. On Day 1, the participants shared their stories with each other, highlighting the challenges and triumphs they have encountered which have led them to pursue social change in their lives and communities. On Day 2, they learnt about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and focused especially on Quality Education (SDG’s #4), Gender Equality (SDG’s #5), Climate Action (SDG’s #13) and Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (SDG’s #16).

As change-makers and emerging leaders in their society, on Day 3 they were challenged to put their passions and ideas together to propose ways that they can implement initiatives or activities that promote chosen SDGs in their communities and spheres of influence. In the final day of the program, we were proud to gather them for sharing reflections on what they have learnt together, and a celebration of their participation and commitment to foster social change and peace in their lives, communities and Afghan society at large.


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